Board Buzz

Dear Substance Abuse Professional,I hope that this latest edition of the Board Buzz finds you well and that you and your friends and family are not frozen under all the snow and ice!

We’ve received a lot of questions about DSM-5 and the new LCAS (AADC) examination. Please find the answers you seek in the following edition of the Board Buzz.

Best wishes,

Barden Culbreth
Executive Director

Updated LCAS Examination
IC&RC is proud to announce the finalization of its updated Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) Job Analysis (JA). A JA is the methodical process of determining what elements of practice and knowledge are important to assess as part of a certification examination and serves as the blueprint for the examination. It is the process that directly links an examination score to a specific job and ensures that an exam is valid, reliable, and legally defensible. To stay relevant to current trends and practices, a JA must be updated every five to seven years.

The first administration date for the updated examination will be Monday, May 11, 2015. All candidates taking the AADC examination on or after May 11th will be taking the updated examination.

Please note there have been some significant changes to the IC&RC AADC examination with the inclusion of co-occurring treatment competencies and the removal of the Clinical Supervision and Research Design and Utilization Domains.

Renewal Policy
Renewing your certification or license is your responsibility.In order to comply with state statute, the “life” of an NCSAPPB credential is two years. With LearningBuilder, licenses are being issued year round. In the past they were issued year round as well but they were given a specific renewal date; either January 1 or July 1.

Because they will have renewal dates throughout the year, you will need to take time to review the dates your license is valid and mark it appropriately on your calendar and planner.

Board staff is able to review and approve renewals on a weekly basis. When you complete your renewal, make sure to click the orange “Submit” button on your Renewal Learning Plan. If it is not orange, one or more of the requirements for renewal is not being met.