Board Buzz

Dear Substance Abuse Professional,

Since the NCSAPPB has moved to our online application system, LearningBuilder, we’ve able to increase efficiency and response time, and reduce our use of paper. Another side effect of using an online-application system is our improved ability to streamline the application process.

This has helped illustrate gaps, pitfalls and other aspects where the staff has missed of the state law and administrative rules.

Best wishes,

Barden Culbreth
Executive Director

CSAC Intern Status
In compliance with Rule 21 NCAC 68 .0203,  LearningBuilder has been updated. A CSAC candidate must pass the examination (ADC) before using the designation of CSAC-Intern.

All CSAC-Interns who have not passed the ADC examination have been moved to Registered Status.

This is not a new Rule or Rule change.

This has no effect on the number of experience hours you have earned.

If you have any questions about your designation you may contact the Board.


(b) To be designated as a Substance Abuse Counselor Intern, a counselor shall submit and successfully complete the following:
(1)  A registration form provided by the Board;

(2)  Documentation provided by the Board verifying the successful completion of 300 hours of Supervised Practice;

(3)  Successful completion of the written examination developed by the IC&RC/AODA, Inc. or its successor organization; and

(4)  Payment of a non-refundable, one hundred twenty-five dollar ($125.00) written exam fee plus a one hundred twenty-five dollar ($125.00) registration fee if not already registered with the Board.

(c) Upon the failure of an applicant to achieve a passing score, the applicant may request a reexamination and pay a non- refundable reexamination fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) after a period of three months from the date of the failed test.
(d) Once an individual has been designated as a Substance Abuse Counselor Intern, he or she may function as a counselor intern under an approved supervisor at a ratio of one hour of supervision for every 40 hours of practice.

North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board