Board Buzz

NC General Assembly Working to Remove Licensure Boards
Dear Substance Abuse Professional
I wanted to make you aware of the draft subcommittee bill introduced last week at the Joint Legislative Administrative Procedures Oversight Committee. This committee has been working on “reforming” licensure boards for months now, and a specific proposal has now been released.
The NCSAPPB is on the list to be eliminated (allowed to “sunset”) and placed under the NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.

Here is the draft bill.

It is unclear whether licensure for the substance abuse professional will continue to exist. This will have ripple effects across the addictions treatment field as many professionals will no longer to be able to bill for Medicaid and other insurers.

This change may also affect your ease at which you may relocate to other IC&RC states.   

The hostility towards occupational licensing boards is being pushed by the John Locke Foundation and the Civitas Institute, as well as many national think-tanks, that believe we can drive economic growth by taking away your professional license.
I encourage you to contact your representatives and let them know your stance on this draft bill.