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Certified DMV Substance Abuse Evaluators
Below is a forwarded message from the NC DMV regarding DMV SAE Evaluations

From: Jeffrey R. Zimmerman, Ph.D., Director of Processing Services

NC Division of Motor Vehicles

During a thorough review of the DMV Substance Abuse Evaluator Contact Information and County

Listing forms submitted during last fall’s Substance Abuse Evaluation Seminars, it was determined that a majority of these forms were completed incorrectly.

The County Listing portion of the form should have the county, address, and phone number(s) for

each of the counties the SAE will be servicing.

The address provided must be a physical location within that county where the evaluations will be conducted.

The phone number(s) provided may be general contact numbers for you, such as a cell phone or

home office; they do not have to be specifically tied to an evaluation location.

Jennie Bunton, of the NC DMV, will be emailing all certified DMV Substance Abuse Evaluators in

order to update the Evaluator Contact Information and County Listing forms.

When you receive her email, please complete the form, providing an address for each county listed where the evaluations will take place and return it to Ms. Bunton by the deadline specified in her email. Failure to do this will result in removal from the list for that county.

If you do not receive an email from Ms. Bunton by April 15th, please contact her directly at
Jeffrey R. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Director of Processing Services
Division of Motor Vehicles