Board Buzz

Committee Votes to Table Draft Bill
Dear Substance Abuse Professional,
Thank you for all the support you’ve given staff and your Professional Board in reaching out to your colleagues and coworkers and representatives and senators at the General Assembly. Our Board President, Bert Wood, has been working hard behind the scenes with legislators, lobbyists, and anyone that will listen.
Businessman and Board member Johnny Bass spoke on benefits of addictions licensure for the people we treat but also for business. He did an awesome job! Tony Beatty was there as well, representing the APNC. Former Board member Lidia Bly-Herman was there also. There were so many others there representing our profession. Due to the number of speakers, Senator Hartsell had to limit the time folks could speak to 2 minutes, and 1 speaker per affected board or profession.
In short: The Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee met this morning.  The subcommittee chair has recommended the draft bill 2015-TQz-40 NOT be considered for action until additional information about boards that are recommended in the draft proposal to be eliminated or consolidated have presented all relevant information.
The longer short: The JLAPOC is going to continue to look at our annual reports, probably conduct several meetings and questionnaires with staff, board members, and practitioners; and there will be a revised proposal down the road. This issue is not going away! For the foreseeable future there will remain a push to eliminate and/or consolidate occupational licensing boards.

This is of special concern to us in the health care profession, which has experienced a great deal of professionalization and specialization over the recent decades.

What can we do now?
  1. Thank the members of the JLAPOC for giving this proposal greater thought and consideration. We need to keep the dialogue going so that they know addictions professionals working in their districts.
  2. Continue talking to your local Representatives and Senators. (
Thank you for the quick turnaround! Good hustle!