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NCSAPPB and SBI Update Agreement
Dear Substance Abuse Professional,
Some of you may have heard the State Bureau of Investigation was no longer processing background checks for new applicants to the NCSAPPB.

Following an audit by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the State Bureau of Investigation in late March of 2016, it was determined by the FBI that the SBI had a number of agreements with state agencies that were not up-to-date or accurate for each agencies’ status.

The SBI and the NCSAPPB quickly began working together to bring our paperwork up to the current legal standard. In that time, they suspended processing our background checks but agreed to hold them and process them once we are approved.

As of yesterday, the SBI and NCSAPPB reached an agreement whereby they would resume processing our applicants’ background checks! We are back on-line! 

The total downtime was less than two weeks. We apologize for any delay in Registration that has resulted in the interim, and thank you for your patience.