PROGRAM DIRECTOR (QP) – Women’s Residential Facility, Pembroke, NC


The Program Director of Robeson Health Care Corporation’s Professional Counseling Services provides leadership and direction in the development, initiation, and ongoing direction of client care.  This position will be responsible for providing program implementation and clinical supervision to all employees at the facility.  This position requires knowledge and skill in the areas of administrative management and clinical supervision.  The administrative and management skills include but are not limited to: budgeting, employee & program evaluation, and overall operations of Professional Counseling Services (PCS).  Clinical knowledge and skills are needed to supervise the following areas: SACOT, SAIOP, Diagnostic Assessment, program development, staff, medical records and other relevant issues.  Program Director (or another LCAS or CCS) must be on site a minimum of 90% of the hours SACOT operates and a minimum of 50% of the hours SAIOP operates.


1.  Administrative/Management Duties:

  1. Responsible for supervision and development of the behavioral health care program.
  2. Work with clinical and administrative staff in designing remedies for service gaps.
  3. Supervise all non-clinical staff and assure appropriate coverage of facility.
  4. Meet regularly and supervise staff to assure coordination of activities.
  5. Prepare periodic reports for the Clinical Director and Chief Behavioral Health Officer regarding the progress in remedying service gaps and the overall operation of the program.
  6. Maintain open lines of communication with the LME, department of social services, and other involved agencies on issues related to all aspects of the program.
  7. Maintain open lines of communication with North Carolina Substance Abuse Division and other state agencies on issues related to all aspects of the program.
  8. Coordinate with Clinical Director and Chief Behavioral Health Officer to gather required data for performance improvement reporting.
  9. Provide technical support for organizational planning and strategic assessments.
  10. Assure that all staff receives the mandatory training required by Services Definitions and facility licensing requirements.
  11. Prepare program/facility for audits and inspections including: Medicaid, Substance Abuse Block Grant, Endorsement, Joint Commission and others as appropriate.

2.  Clinical Duties:

  1. Supervise all clinical staff in the areas of 12 Core Functions and other relevant clinical areas.
  2. Oversee screenings and referrals and perform admissions assessments as needed for the RHCC outpatient treatment program.
  3. Oversee all treatment which includes but is not limited to SACOT, SAIOP, Community Support, Diagnostic Assessment, development/use of Person Centered Plans, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, family therapy, crisis intervention, and case management.
  4. Provide direct clinical services as needed.
  5. Supervise and review medical record documentation.
  6. Supervise program clinical productivity (utilization).
  7. Assure that all staff are appropriately privileged and competent to provide designated services.
  8. Perform other necessary duties as required by RHCC to meet the goals of providing primary health care services and behavioral health care services.


1.      Survey the facility for any safety hazards daily.

2.      Report safety hazards to the Director of Facility Services.

3.      Conduct emergency drills (Fire and Tornado) monthly.

4.      Complete facility safety inspection checklist and submit to the Director of Facility Services monthly.


The Program Director reports to and is evaluated by the Clinical Director.


The evaluation of work performance will be ongoing and will be carried out by the Clinical Director. The evaluation will include the specific duties and responsibilities of this position description plus employee attitude and general working behavior.


  1. A master’s degree in a human service related field or a bachelor’s degree in a Human Services field and 5 years substance abuse counseling experience.
  2. Minimum of 3 years’ experience in clinical supervision.
  3. Minimum of 3 years’ experience in administrative and management in a substance abuse program.
  4. Licensed Addiction Specialist (LCAS) is required
  5. Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) or Must obtain CCS with 18 months of employment
  6. Knowledge of budgets/diverse cost centers and funding sources.
  7. Excellent abilities in communication skills (speaking/writing).
  8. Experience in both long- and short-term strategic planning.
  9. Ability to provide day-to-day leadership and technical assistance to clinical management and other corporate professionals.
  10. Ability to work, plan, and perform duties with minimum supervision.
  11. Skilled as a trainer, manager, clinician, and supervisor in both programmatic and clinical service delivery.
  12. Maintain all professional certifications, licenses and trainings in order to provide direct consumer services as required by Core Rules and Service Definitions.

Interested applicants submit resume to:          [email protected]


Posted on: March 19, 2019

LCAS with LCSW or LPC – R728

Monarch, a behavioral health services provider is recruiting in Charlotte, NC for a Part Time 20 hours per week, dual licensed behavioral health therapist. Outpatient individual & group therapy, assessments, documentation.  Requires full, dual MH/SU licensure in NC.

Please Apply Online at for job posting R728.


Posted on: March 14, 2019

Substance Use Disorder LCSW/LCAS

Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare is thrilled to announce the launch of its new outpatient substance use disorder [SUD] program in Raleigh.  Dewayne Roy Book,  MD, addictions specialist/psychiatrist is medical director.  We are seeking a stellar candidate who is an experienced licensed clinical social worker [LCSW] and licensed clinical addictions specialist [LCAS] to assist with program development, psychosocial and addiction assessment, and group therapy.

We are seeking a full-time candidate based in Raleigh, NC. This position offers competitive salary, plus benefits and growth opportunity for a motivated and dedicated clinician.  Benefits include health insurance coverage, with vision, dental, long term and short-term disability, and life insurance, plus paid time off, and a stipend for training and re-certification.  The job will include evening and day time therapy groups, and assessments. Candidate must be able to travel to different clinic sites in Wake County as needed.

We are accepting applications from clinicians who are fully and dually licensed (LCSW/LCAS) in North Carolina at the Masters level with several years demonstrated clinical addiction treatment experience.  Knowledge of medicated assisted treatment protocol and 12 Step models of recovery is expected.

We are not accepting applications from provisionally licensed clinicians, LPCs, LMFTs, or LPAs at this time due to billing restrictions.

Posted on: March 14, 2019



The PCS Clinical Social Worker is a staff member who is a direct service provider.  The PCS Clinical Social Worker is competent with providing direct care to adults or children who have issues with behavioral health and experience with parenting issues, communication deficits and relationship issues.  The PCS Clinical Social Worker will spend the majority of their time in the provision of direct care.  This direct care shall primarily be in the form of psychotherapy or counseling, assessments, screening, and case management in group, family and individual treatment.  The PCS Clinical Social Worker may advocate for children at school if they have problems in the educational setting or advocate within the legal system if criminal justice issues are identified.  The PCS Clinical Social Worker may consult with parents, teachers, and counselors to identify underlying causes of problems and develop plans for treatment.


  1. Provide direct consumer services in the form of family or child therapy
  2. Coordinate and oversee the following activities:  assessment, development and ongoing revisions to PCP; monitoring/implementation of PCP.
  3. Coordinate and oversee initial and ongoing consumer activities.
  4. Work in collaboration with other members of the treatment team and community agencies in order to coordinate and provide integrated treatment services to the consumers.
  5. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of medical records standards, regulations and diagnostic instruments.  Comply with all state, federal, division, and agency requirements as related to medical records and documentation.
  6. Provide comprehensive assessment of the consumer’s and family needs and determine in conjunction with the treatment team, an appropriate PCP.
  7. Develop discharge/aftercare planning with consumers.
  8. Offer support services that involve the process of linking and coordinating components of the service system to ensure that the consumer’s family therapy needs are met.
  9. Be credentialed for Mental Health screening, assessment and treatment.
  10. Be available to collaborate with providers concerning Mental Health issues and treatment.
  11. Provide Mental Health services.
  12. Be available to serve on treatment team for PCS staff.
  13. Plan for need/problem resolution through the identification of an appropriate service network inclusive of all available resources.
  14. Arrange for and conduct groups in which parents can create and maintain social networks that will sustain and support them during trying times.
  15. Coordinate appropriate referrals to parents in need of ancillary services.
  16. Serve as a liaison between parents and other state and local agencies that provide parent education/child development/prevention services.
  17. Function as an advocate for the consumer.
  18. Execute other duties as assigned.


  1. Therapeutic Behavioral Management (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention –NCI)
  2. Blood-borne Pathogens
  3. CPR
  4. First Aid Certification
  5. Medication Administration
  6. Client Rights
  7. Crisis Management
  8. Multi-cultural and gender specific issues
  9. Issues of Substance abuse and the process of recovery
  10. HIV/AIDS
  11. Incident Reporting
  12. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  13. Drug Screening
  14. Confidentiality
  15. Developmentally appropriate child behavior management
  16. Symptoms of secondary complications to substance abuse or drug addiction
  17. Signs and symptoms of pre-term labor
  18. Signs and symptoms of post-partum complications
  19. Therapeutic Parenting Skills
  20. Dynamics and needs of emotionally disturbed and substance abusing individuals and their children
  21. Pregnancy, delivery, and well child care
  22. Infant feeding, including breast feeding

** Additional training may be required per facility licensing requirements.


 A Master’s degree in social work.

  1. Current Licensed Clinical Social Worker credential (LCSW) and current Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist credential (LCAS).
  2. An understanding of substance abuse and chemical dependency diagnosis as defined in the DSM-IV.
  3. Full understanding of addictions and knowledge of the impact of addiction on women, families and minorities.  Some knowledge of the 12-step model of recovery and other therapeutic approaches.
  4. Proficient in the area of  mental health diagnosis and counseling.
  5. Skills in individual, family and group counseling.

SUBMIT RESUME TO:                  [email protected]

Posted on: February 27, 2019

Rocky Mount Treatment Center is Looking for a CSAC to Join Our Team

Rocky Mount Treatment Center is a private clinic offering outpatient Methadone and Buprenorphine maintenance treatment to individuals who abuse opiates. Our rehabilitation center provides a caring and therapeutic environment for opioid or heroin drug treatment. Certified substance abuse counselors, licensed nurses, and a physician are on staff at our center to deliver the best care.

Hours of position: Monday-Friday 5:30- 1:00pm

Duties for the position are as follows:

  • Assessments
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Case management
  • Intakes
  • Drug education
  • Referral to community services
  • Coordination of care
  • Family counseling and education
  • Documentation of all therapy sessions/ chart filing

 Qualifications and Skills

-CSAC required

– Qualified Professional Status

-Must be registered with the NCSAPPB and in good standing


Benefits will be discussed during interview


Please email your resume to Vanessa Walmsley: [email protected]

Posted on: February 12, 2019