Exam Information

There are a lot of stories going around about the new examination format for 2012 and beyond!

As you will recall, the NCSAPPB moved to computer-based testing mid-2011. Through a partnership by the International Credentialing and Reciprocity Consortium and Schroeder Measurement Technologies, the Board is now able to offer flexibility to our applicants in regard to time, date, and location of their professional exams.

First, an applicant sends in their monies and hours in order to qualify for the examination.

During the next scheduled File Review (typically 3-4 week rotations), the staff approves the applicant for the exam.
The applicant then receives a letter asking them to monitor their email for an email from the company SMT/IsoQuality Testing.

The email outlines the three (3) steps to register for the exam along with a username and password.

Following the October deadline for the December 2011 examination period, all applicants will be moved to Year Round Testing!

For example, if you sent to the Board information to test on October 15th (and missed the December test), you will be reviewed and given a testing block starting January 2, 2012 and ending January 2, 2013.

Here is more good news: This means no more deadlines! No more tracking down supervisors for hours. No more deadlines to get money into the Board office!

However, each applicant will be subject to the file review schedule.

For example, you send in your money and hours on February 6, 2012 and the file review is not until the first week of March 2012, you will be given a 365 day window to test based on the (roughly) March 2012 date. Not 365 days from submission of the money.

This means, in the case of the example above, that if the applicant had set their work and personal schedules to test February 20th, 2012, then chances are they will be out of luck. This is friendly instruction to please plan responsibly.

It is responsible planning to send in money and hours at least one (1) month before you plan to test, and even then, do not request time off or set your schedule until you have scheduled your test with the testing center.

Additionally, some testing centers have special hours of operation.

Please read these sentences carefully:
If you select a time, date, and location with the testing facility and must reschedule for a reason other than documented medical illness, death of a family member, or military deployment, the Board will be fined for this action. Therefore, if you cancel for any reason other than the ones listed above, you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT OF THE EXAM.

It cannot be expressed how excited the Board staff and Board members are about this new flexibility in testing!

It truly does open up a world of opportunity!