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Registration Information

Every applicant is required to complete a criminal background check.  Previous convictions are reviewed on a case by case basis.  PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY SERVING ANY PART OF AN ACTIVE SENTENCE, INCLUDING BEING ON PROBATION (both supervised and unsupervised), YOU CANNOT BECOME REGISTERED.

Becoming Registered with the NCASPPB requires completion of at least three (3) hours of clinical ethics training.  This includes topics such as confidentiality, boundaries, dual relationships, HIPAA, etc.  There are many providers out there to provide this training.

Entering Training Courses into Your Application

For information on what you can use for your training/continuing education hours, please refer to these guidelines:

Training/Con Ed Guidelines

For a step by step guide on how to enter trainings/continuing education hours into the Credentialing Training Record section of your LearningBuilder application, click here:

How to Enter Training Courses into Your LearningBuilder Application

Exam Information

For information regarding the Examination Process, click here.

Renewal” of LCAS-Associate Information

For information on “renewing” your Associate status, click here.

Supervision Information

Supervision varies between credentials, who may provide it and at what ratio.

For the CADC, LCAS, and CCJP; the practicum supervision must be completed with a CCS or CSI at a ratio of 1:10 hours. After the practicum is completed, the supervision ratio changes to 1:40, however it may only be provided by CCS or CSI.

The CADC and CCJP require on-going supervision after credentialing. This supervision can be done by an LCAS. The CCS or CSI is not required for ongoing supervision of the CADC and CCJP.

The on-going supervision levels are based on length of time certified and the ratios are as follows:

  • First 2 year period – 1:40
  • Second 2 year period – 1:80
  • Third and all following periods – 1:160

The above paragraph applies to the CPS as well, however this supervision may be provided by a CPS with 3 years of experience.

Neither the CPS nor the LCAS require on-going supervision.

For the CCS/CSI application process, a Clinical Supervisor Intern must receive supervision from a CCS at a ratio of 1:80 hours. The CCS is required to update the NCASPPB each year supervision to a CSI is provided.

Renewal Information

For information on renewing your credential, click here.