Training Approval Requests


  • Live, interactive webinars are considered in-person training courses.
  • Awarded Hours In-person training courses longer than two (2) hours must include an agenda that is broken down by time and include breaks.  There must be a 15-minute break scheduled for every two (2) hours of training/class time.  If breaks are not included and noted in the agenda/breakout of hours, there will be 15 minutes subtracted for every two (2) hours of training/class time.  Credit is only given for actual training/class time; no time is awarded for breaks, meals, or registration.
  • Contact InformationThe name, phone number and email address of the person listed on the approval request as the contact person is the same information that will be listed as the contact for people who want to register for the class if the training is posted on the Board’s website.
  • Presenters:  If a presenter is NOT (a) credentialed with the Board or (b) listed in the drop-down menu in the presenter section of the approval request form, you need to submit a resume/bio/CV.  If they ARE (a) credentialed with the Board or (b) listed in the drop-down menu in the presenter section of the approval request form, you do not need to submit a resume/bio/CV as we already have theirs on file.  Always check the drop-down menu, as well as the presenter’s credentials, before uploading a resume/bio/CV.  The credentials awarded by the Board are CADC/CSAC, LCAS, LCAS-A, CCS, CSI, CCJP and CPS/CSAPC.
  • Post-approval ChangesAll training approvals are limited to ONE (1) post-approval change per course.  Any additional changes will need to be submitted and paid for as a new approval request.  This includes any change in date, title, presenter(s) or content/session(s).  This does not apply to presentation format (live/in-person to webinar) changes due to COVID-19 restrictions.  All other requests for exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Approval Timeline:  Training approval requests must be submitted before the training has occurred.  Submissions received after the event has taken place will not be reviewed.  Typical turn-around time for an approval is 1-2 weeks after payment has been received.
  • CertificatesTraining certificates must be given to attendees upon completion of the course.  The certificate needs to include the title, date, approval code, approved hours, presenter’s name (unless it is a multi-faculty presentation), sponsoring organization information, and have a signature on it.  Slides, such as in PowerPoint and Publisher, that the attendees create themselves are not acceptable.  We cannot accept an editable document as proof of attendance.
  • Fees:  Training approval codes are valid for one year from the date of issuance.  Fees are based upon the total number of hours for the course.  
    • 1-10 hours – $25
    • 10-20 hours – $50
    • 20-30 hours – $75
    • 30-40 hours – $100
    • 40 hours and up – $125

Training Approval Request Form (Use this form for all approval requests including in-person, interactive webinars, and traditional online courses)