Administrative Staff

Prior to contacting a staff member, please utilize the following resources on our website to assist you with completing your application.

If you will go to our webpage on Becoming Licensed,  you can look up information on the specific license or certification.  You can also download a brochure outlining the steps and requirements for each credential.  For the LCAS, most people apply for the Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) under Criteria A, as long as the master’s degree required a clinical internship/practicum.

Additionally, on our home page, to the right of the photo you will see two links.  One says, “Click here to start your application” and is a link to LearningBuilder, which is our online application software.  The other says, “Click here for questions about getting started” and is a presentation about the first step, which is to become registered. 

There is also a FAQ section under Resources on our home page as well as a Training / Con Ed Guidelines document.

In order to devote as much time as possible to processing applications and issuing licenses, we kindly ask that you refrain from calling or emailing the Board office to check on the status of your application or documents.  Most questions can be answered by reviewing the resources on the Board’s website or asking your clinical supervisor.

***If you are unable to locate the answer to your question on our webpage, staff encourages email correspondence. Please just send one email.  Please do not send the same email to each staff member individually. We will forward your inquiries to the appropriate person.***

Barden Culbreth, Senior Administrative Director
[email protected]
Speciality Areas:  Ethical Complaints, Legal Compliance, Supervision

Donna Strickland, Administrative Director
[email protected]
Specialty Areas:  Testing, Reciprocity, Training/Con Ed

Tara Strickland, Administrative Associate
[email protected]
Specialty Areas:  Renewals, Transcripts, Out of State Verification Requests