Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional

Scope of Practice: The practice of a certified criminal justice addictions professional is based on knowledge in the performance domains of dynamics of addiction in criminal behavior; legal, ethical, and professional responsibility; criminal justice system and processes; screening, intake, and assessment; case management; monitoring; and client supervision and counseling to prevent or reduce the conditions that place individuals at increased risk of developing addictive disorder or disease, treat addictive disorder or disease, and help prevent relapse.

Who May Apply? This credential is designed for addiction professionals who work in three settings: law enforcement, the judiciary and/or corrections. The CCJP credential, unlike the other clinical credentials of the Board, does not require an active caseload of clients.

After October 1, 2017, all applicants for the CCJP must first complete the LCAS or CSAC credential first.

General Information:
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