Exam Information

Testing for a NCASPPB credential is year-round. There are no specific test days. Please read the following carefully.

The NCASPPB moved to computer-based testing in mid-2011. Through a partnership with the International Credentialing and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) and Schroeder Measurement Technologies, the Board is now able to offer flexibility to our applicants in regard to time, date, and location of their exams.

First, an applicant pays the testing fee in LearningBuilder. For CSAC and LCAS Criteria A applicants, the 300 Hour Practicum must be completed to qualify for the examination. For all other applicants, all aspects of the Learning Plan (application) should be completed before an applicant is able to take the exam. NOTE: Since 2017, applicants for CCS and CSAPC can contact the Board office at any point after Registration and payment of the exam to receive an exam registration email.

Staff will review the Learning Plan and approve the applicant for the exam.

The applicant then receives an email advising them of a subsequent email from the company SMT/IsoQuality Testing.

The email will outline the three (3) steps to register for the exam along with a username and password.

Staff receive and upload scores on a weekly basis. These scores will be uploaded to your Learning Plan. Any person who fails the examination will have a “locked” Learning Plan which will be “unlocked” upon payment of a re-examination fee ($150).

It is responsible planning to send in money and hours at least one (1) month before you plan to test, and even then, do not request time off or set your schedule until you have scheduled your test with the testing center.

Additionally, some testing centers have special hours of operation.


ADA Accommodations

The North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board is happy to assist applicants who have disabilities in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have a particular disability that would require special accommodations for testing (i.e.: vision impaired, learning disability such as ADHD, etc.), please email Donna Strickland to request the form. Submitted documentation must follow ADA guidelines in that psychological or psychiatric evaluations must have been conducted within the last three years. All medical/physical conditions require documentation of the treating physician’s examination conducted within the previous three months.


Please read these sentences carefully:
If you select a time, date, and location with the testing facility and must reschedule for a reason other than documented medical illness, death of a family member, or military deployment, the Board will be fined for this action. Therefore, if you cancel for any reason other than the ones listed above, you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT OF THE EXAM.  This also applies to exam no-shows.