Other Training Resources

The courses listed below are not pre-approved by the Board.  However, they have been approved by a recognized or “Deemed” status organization of the Board, i.e., NAADAC, NBCC, etc., and will be accepted for continuing education training for initial credentialing and/or credential renewal.  If you are interested in attending one of the courses, please reach out to the contact person or sponsor for further information.  The Board cannot register you for these courses. Finally, because the Board has not pre-approved the courses, the Board does not necessarily take a position on the content or presenter of the course.

Laban’s Addiction Specific Training Courses 
Sponsored by Laban’s Addiction Specific Training (https://www.last-homestudy.com/)
Presented by Multi-faculty
Contact AnnMarie Laban – 800-795-5278 ([email protected])

Educational Enhancement Addiction Counselor Courses
Sponsored by Educational Enhancements (https://educationalenhancement-casaconline.com/)
Presented by Gerald Rhett
Contact Maria Mendez – 347-242-1770 ([email protected])