Registration Renewal Information

Renewing” Your Registration*

(* if you are renewing another application type, e.g. CADC, CCS, CPS, then much of this information will still apply to you)


It’s safe to assume that you’ve come to this page because your Registration or LCAS-Associate has expired or is about to expire.


There are a few important things to consider at this point.


First, “renewing” your Registration or LCAS-Associate is not the correct term because it is really your 5-year Registered status period of your application that has expired. Therefore, it is your Registration that has actually expired.


Second, you are limited by state law to 2 Registration periods. So, this is your next (and last) shot to complete the application for your LCAS/CADC/CCS/CPS/CCJP.


Third, you cannot have two applications open at the same time, so you will not be able to start a new application until the current Registration expires. This does mean there is potential for a lapse in your Registration or LCAS-Associate status. If necessary, you should prepare your employer for this reality.


Once you understand these points, you’re in a good place to start your new application.


Your new application will be blank. It’s not going to be as simple as paying a fee and moving ahead without pause.


If you are an LCAS applicant, in your new application will be to enter your master’s degree information. As soon as you add this information, you’ll receive an automated email with instructions on how to get your official transcript to the Board.  Once we receive that and review it, we enter it into your application as approved.  You won’t be able to access the actual application until we’ve entered your transcript.    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you started your Registration after 2013, the Board will already have your transcript and will put the transcript in for you. Just send any staff member a short email and they will make sure your transcript is added. 


Once the transcript is accounted for in your new application, you’ll be required to pay a $25 application fee. This will unlock your application and allow you to input the requirements for Registration. This includes a $200 Registration Fee and $38 Background Check Fee, and completion of a new Background Check. (In other words, you will have to get your prints done again.)


Now onto probably your most pressing concern: What happens to all those work experience and supervision hours?


The hours are not lost; however, they will need a new evaluation and signature on them from a Certified Clinical Supervisor or Clinical Supervisor Intern. You will need to find your old supervisor, or a new supervisor, and go over those previously done hours.


If you are a LCAS Criteria A applicant, your hours are going to be broken down into two sections: the 300 Hour Practicum and the 4,000 Hours of Clinical Addictions Counseling Experience. If you are a LCAS Criteria C applicant, you’ll only have to worry about putting your supervisor in the 2,000 Hours of Clinical Addictions Counseling Experience section.


Once your Registration is conferred and the 300 Hours signed off, you’ll have a new five-year period of LCAS-Associate status.


Like the work experience hours, your trainings will need to be re-entered into the Credentialing Training Record (a.k.a. where your classes are entered).   These do not carry over from one application to the other, HOWEVER, while you will have to enter them again, you don’t have to upload the individual certificates again.  When you click on “Add Course” in the Credentialing Training Record, a box opens for you to use to enter information about the course.  In this box, on the same line where you previously clicked on “Upload” to upload your certificate from the course, you will see an option to “Choose from Library”.  If you click on this option, a new box will open and it will show all of the files that have been uploaded into your Learning Builder account, including the training certificates you used for the expired application.  Simply find the file you uploaded in the first application for the course you’re entering, and you can add it to your Credentialing Training Record from here.


One closing point, the exam section will also be on its original setting and marked as incomplete and examination fee unpaid. If you paid in your expired application or passed the exam in the expired application, just let staff know through a quick email and they will mark this section appropriately.


Please remember that this is your final opportunity to complete your application and you will not be eligible to apply again if you do not complete the full application for LCAS/CADC/CCS/CPS/CCJP.